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Monster High Twila Doll Neon Fright Version

Monster High Twila Doll Neon Fright Version

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​A creeptacular unboxing experience awaits! Match each Color Reveal key with its corresponding compartment to unlock hidden monster goodies.

  • Skulltimate Secrets is back and GLOWING like never before. Open Twyla doll’s locker to discover Neon Frights like fashion surprises and fab-boo-lous accessories.​​
  • ​Can you creep a secret. Take the four Color Reveal keys and wash off their mysterious coating, then unlock their four matching compartments to find hidden items stashed inside.​
  • ​Turn off the lights to discover three accessories that glow in the dark. Mix-and-match them with the other included styling pieces to create outfits that will light up even the darkest of nights.​​
  • ​Twyla doll makes a statement with glowing eyes and boldly colored hair. Stow her and all her Neon Frights inside the coffin-shaped locker for easy storage and on-the-go portability.​
  • ​From a cropped hoodie and sweet treat to a lantern and spooky book, Skulltimate Secrets Twyla comes with 19 plus brightly colored surprises to spark imagination. Style her in 125 plus looks.​
  • ​The best toy is one that glows. Check out the whole Skulltimate Secrets Neon Frights collection for more frightfully fashionable Monster High dolls.​​


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